The Problem With Digital Transformations

Digital Transformation is one of the most ubiquitous buzz words zipping around the hipstersphere these days. Every day we hear a new approach to DT, Agile, agile, cloud transformation, containerisation, data centre grandfathering… etc.

What does Digital Transformation actually mean?

Most people bearing solutions want to sell you something more complicated than you have before – at a price. It looks great and will propel you into the next century and end all your problems, right?

However, the key problem that most businesses and government departments face today is that they consistently fail to remove complexity as they try to transform. A successful transformation plan should look to reduce complexity first rather than changing technology for the sake of it. In fact I would go as far to say that digital transformation is not about platforms or web pages or agile, it is rather about quantifying the data that needs to flow in and out of your department, Ensuring you can secure that data properly then finding simple innovative ways to let the user access that data to scratch an itch. Anyone that turns up at your door telling you that you need a new web portal/phone app or widget as the focus for transformation is going to add complexity and should be avoided.

Simplify, prioritise and standardise. These are your paths to digital transformation success…