Stuff I Can Never Remeber

To exit a vterm use ~.

On Cisco use Ctrl-Shift-6… I think

Adding disks to VIO server config:


lspv > /tmp/disk_config_pre_change
chmod 777 /tmp/disk_config_pre_change
inq >> /tmp/disk_config_pre_change

lsmap -all >> /tmp/disk_config_pre_change

chdev -l hdiskxx -a algorithm=round_robin -a reserve_policy=no_reserve

mkvdev –vdev -vadapter vhost -dev
mkvdev –vdev hdisk14 –vadapter vhost17 -dev lparname_rootvg_disk1

Adding vpaths to server without running cfgmgr for whole box:
cfgmgr -l fscsi0
cfgmgr -l fscsi1


Analysing dumps:
hfd-wm-cov-db-02:/var/adm/ras >sysdumpdev -L

Device name: /dev/lg_dumplv
Major device number: 10
Minor device number: 11
Size: 474104832 bytes
Uncompressed Size: 2415139298 bytes
Date/Time: Fri 3 Sep 16:51:22 2010
Dump status: 0
Type of dump: traditional
dump completed successfully

hfd-wm-cov-db-02:/ >kdb /dev/lg_dumplv
/dev/lg_dumplv mapped from @ 700000000000000 to @ 700000040000000
Preserving 1799410 bytes of symbol table [/unix]
The dump is compressed. Run the following command:
dd if=/dev/lg_dumplv bs=512 skip=1 count=925987 > dumpfile.BZ; dmpuncompress dumpfile.BZ
925987+0 records in.
925987+0 records out.
— replaced with dumpfile

kdb ./dumpfile /unix


Shows the system status and messages.
p (alias: proc) [*/slot/symb/eaddr]
Displays the process table.
u (alias: user) [-?][slot/symb/eaddr]
Displays u_area.
th (alias: thread) [*/slot/symb/eaddr/-w ?]
Displays the thread table.
mst [slot] [[-a] symb/eaddr]
Displays the mstsave area for the specified thread.
f (alias: stack) [+x/-x][th {slot/eaddr}]
Displays all stack frames for specified thread.
h (alias: ?) [topic]
Lists all subcommands.
Provides information about subcommands of kdb.
Displays error log messages.